Album Released in Lightscribe CD-r, in Jewelcase with pro-covers with booklet and A4 Photo Paper Poster

"In the depths of despair, Genocide Winter was born in 2007. Genocide Winter plays a hateful, depressive/suicidal style of black metal. Some of their influences include: DEATHSPELL OMEGA,WATAIN,LEVIATHAN, DISSECTION to name a few. With several line up changes through the years. It still remains a 2 piece to this day. HELLSPAWN, play’s guitar and vocals, also plays in the cult classic black metal band called FALLEN EMPIRE, and blackened/grind gods EPOCH OF UNLIGHT from Memphis, TN. D.S on drums. D.S is known for playing drums in the legendary Death/Grind band from the 90’s SHREDDED CORPSE, also played in INNER WAR and several other death/grind bands through the years. D.S also runs a small label called FROZEN DAWN RECORDS. When the forces of evil combine these two sick fucks, make some of the sickest, rawest, depressive black metal ever been recorded in the USA. They’ll fuck your cold soul with a razorblade and vow to rid the earth of this plague called Christianity. WORLD HOLOCAUST HAS BEGUN!!!"